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        Sales Center


        NSK bearing: Japan packs a sino-american joint venture, TMK, domestic high quality bearing ha axis


        Stainless steel: the United States imported high quality stainless steel, taiyuan, zhangjiagang posco


        Oil seal: Taiwan CTTO


        Motor: fuzhou special motor, zhejiang Mr Dragon, Shanghai nanyang, Shanghai super power


        Belt: zhejiang three alex


        Electrical parts: Shanghai people electric appliances, electric Co.


        Wires: ronda cable


        Frequency converter: LG, shenzhen can easily, a sino-american joint venture, the wei went up

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        TEL:021-57510298 Fax:021-57527568 Email:huayixidi@163.com
        Address:No. 9269, Chuannanfeng Road, Fengxian District, Shanghai Zip Code:201411